Engineered With Growers In Mind

The Label Gator™ was developed with the vision to meet new demands growers are faced with, from retailers and "big box" stores. Label Gator™ Brand systems are pre-wired to make these dynamic market changes a breeze for our greenhouse and nursery customers. The Label Gator™ allows growers to cut labor costs, reduce container inventory, and react quickly to constantly changing label requirements.

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Intuitive Software

Our easy to use custom interface starts with your very own data. Your label design and data is pre-loaded on the touch screen PC included in the system.

Unmatched Speed

The Label Gator™ system applies labels at an unprecedented rate. The apply-only labeling system processes up to eighty 608-cell tray labels per minute.

Superior Technology

The system utilizes proprietary PLC communication to fully integrate conveyor speed, printing, label application and secondary processing functions.

One-On-One Support

We are committed to understanding your requirements while meeting or exceeding your expectations.

A Few Of Our Satisfied Clients


"The Label Gator™ staff was very informative in the complete setup and training of our crews. Within a week our crew was running the Label Gator™ like it had been here for years. The Label Gator™ actually helped increase our production by setting a faster pace."

Chad Corso Vice President, Wholesale Corso's Perennials